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San Antonio: 210-623-2222

Our Services

High Security On-Site
Mobile Shredding 

 Our high speed, high security mobile shred trucks come to your location and destroy your documents right in front of you! You can witness the shredding happen right then and there. After your material is destroyed it is removed and recycled!

High Security Off-Site
Mobile Shredding

We come to your location and remove your documents in one of our locked trucks for destruction on our high speed warehouse shredder.  Once the material is in our possession we provide you with a signed and dated Certificate of Destruction stating that the material will be destroyed in accordance with all State and National laws pertaining to document destruction.

Drop Off Shredding Locations

Each location has one or two of our securely locked one-way slotted shred bins.  Your material is weighed and placed in the one-way slotted shred bins or cabinets.  When those containers are full we stop by and shred them.  All drop off locations are priced independantly and range from $0.55/pound to $1/pound.