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Easy Shred is the easiest way to shred your documents.
Perfect for residential and commercial shredding.  Simply:

  1. Purchase your Shred Cabinet at
  2. Fill your cabinet as needed. It might take a while, they hold up to 100lbs of documents
  3. When your cabinet is full you can:
    1. Schedule a shred @
    2. Contact Pinnacle Shredding to schedule a shred
    3. Remove the bag yourself and shred at a drop-off location.

EasyShred will increase your security, give you time back from tedious shredding, and document your destruction for compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, and the Texas Shred Law 698.

  • Never Waste Time Shredding Again
  • Never Purchase a Shredder Again
  • Have a Secure Place to Store your Sensitive Information.
  • The typical household needs an EasyShred only every 12-18 months!
  • EasyShred Services average $35 to $85 depending on location.

Visit Easy Shred here: